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Meet your power totem animal

Earth animal power totem animals,power totem animals Animal guides are referred to as power animals in Shamanism, the Worlds' oldest healing tradition.

Shamans honour the wisdom of each spirit animal and belive that everything is alive and carries with it power and wisdom.

In Native American traditions the spirit animal is quite often given the name animal totem.

Animal spirit guides come into your life for a purpose to guide you, they

choose you - You DO NOT choose them. Any living creature can serve as a power animal even insects, birds and sea animals.

Earth animal power totem animals
You can have one or many spirit animals during your life, during a certain period of your life, or at precise time.

You can have one or many spirit animals during your life, during a certain period of your life, or at precise time.

The gifts and wisdom that a specific animal gives varies depending on their culture.

Your spirit animal frequently typifies qualities and traits that you may see in yourself.

It is often a good idea to study and learn the habits and characteristics of your power animal and see how they are echoed in your own behaviour and life.

Sometimes it is just one or two spirit animals that are drawn to a person for their whole life span, but more often there will be more.

For example if you have a great change either by chance or choice a different animal totem may be drawn to you.

There could also be a time when you feel very close to an animal, bird or even a fish or insect.

Your animal totem could also be mythical animal. This typically indicates the need for a change in your life. A mythical totem is not normally with your from birth, neither will it stay with you for very long. The animal totem is there to teach, protect or both.

Meet your power totem animal

Your animal totem will have a large effect on your life, it will help in self-discovery, to capture your imagination and also give you an outlet for self-expression and awareness.

Your totem animal also deals with your past, and can provide a glimpse into your present and possible future.

What do you need to do

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Quick Guide to some of the Earth animal power totem animals

  • Armadillo: Trust, Peace, Reclusive, Neutrality, Complexity, Curiosity
  • Badger: Focus, Tenacity, Eager, Strong willed, Confident
  • Bear: Brave, Powerful, Benevolence, Duality, Motherhood
  • Beaver: Dreams, Motion, Emotion, Intuition, Psyche
  • Boar: Solitary, Protection, Motherhood, Wild
  • Bobcat: Awareness, Cunning, Patience, Playful, Intellect
  • Buffalo: Gratitude, Abundance, Consistency, Strength, Stability
  • Bull: Strength, Virility, Stamina, Fertility, Determination
  • Camel: Transport, Protection, Endurance, Conservation, Stamina, Adaptive
  • Cat (domestic): Astute, Clever, Selective, Secretive, Intuitive, Watchful
  • Cheetah: Speed, Survival, Flexibility, Adaptability, Progression
  • Cow: Nourishment, Female power, Potential, Fertility, Grounded, Beginnings
  • Coyote: Skill, Instinct, Enthusiasm, Resourceful, Playful, Ingenuity
  • Deer: Love, Grace, Beauty, Peace, Creative, swift, Humility
  • Dog: Loyal, Assistance, Obedience, Intelligence, Protection, Community
  • Elephant: Reliability, Dignity, Power, Royalty, Pride, Happiness
  • Fox: Cunning, Strategy, Clever, Witty, Adaptability
  • Giraffe: Vision, Mystery, Beauty, Graceful, Co-operation, Resourceful
  • Goat: Faith, Peace, Exploration, Initiation, Sturdy, Balance, Vitality
  • Gorilla: Communication, Loyal, Noble, Leadership, Connectivity, Strength
  • Hedgehog: Energy, Vitality, Protection, Perception, Unique, Resourceful
  • Hippopotamus: Power, Verbal, Diverse, Aggressive, Great, Territorial, Supportive
  • Horse: Power, Grace, Strength, Noble, Beauty, Freedom
  • Koala: Connection, Protection, Magic, Calm, Trust, Memory
  • Lion: Wisdom, Power, Courage, Justice, Strength, Dominion, Fierce
  • Monkey: Honour, Mobility, Swift, Distance, Playful, Energy, Intelligence
  • Moose: Discernment, Adaptable, Follow your nose, Courage, Respect
  • Mouse: Modesty, Innocence, Determination, Conservation, Shyness, Cleanliness
  • Otter: Joy, Agility, Friendship, Energy, Creative, Resourceful, Dexterity
  • Panther: Movement, Mindful, Power, Speed, Shadow self
  • Polar Bear: Strategy, Isolation, Transition, Introspection, Vigilance, Extreme
  • Puma: Action, Silence, Decision, Patience, Guardianship, Strength
  • Rabbit: Planning, Fertility, Alert, Agile, Open your eyes, Luck, Skill
  • Ram: Power, Force, Drive, Fearless, Protection, Virility
  • Rat: Sharing, Helpful, Kind, Ambition, Shrewd, Opportunity, Success
  • Reindeer: Travel, Sensitivity, Surety, Advantage, Exploration, Service
  • Rhinoceros: Achievement, Protection, Utilization, Inner resources, Senses
  • Skunk: Prudence, Defence, Judgement, Pacification, Awareness, Confidence
  • Squirrel: Energy, Play, Balance, Socializing, Resourceful, Prudence
  • Tiger: Royalty, Generosity, Protection, Illumination, Power
  • Wolf: Expressive, Intelligence, Inner strength, Power , Swift, Motion
  • Wolverine: Wild, Attitude, Courage, Adaptable, Uncompromising, Energy
  • Zebra: Free, Wild, Social, Friendly, Blending in, Durable, Wilful, Community
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