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Accurate and intuitive psychic tarot parties & events in St. Albans

"Want a psychic tarot party or organising and event in the St. Albans or surrounding area and want to book Amber"

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Why not add a different touch to your party by turning it into a psychic tarot party!! Accurate and intuitive psychic tarot parties & events are becoming very popular.

"I have over 25 years experience reading tarot, angel and oracle cards and has many international clients". Invite me to your psychic tarot party in St. Albans Hertfordshire or surrounding area.

All that is needed is a table, two or three chairs and a quiet area, typically the hostess will give each guest a time spot, however this can be done on the day that's not a problem."

The tarot is the most practised art of divination in the world, sometimes called "the book of divination of the gypsies".

Approach it with an open mind and heart, and prepare to be amazed.

"So how about turning it into a psychic tarot party"?

Accurate and intuitive psychic tarot parties & events in St Albans,psychic tarot parties in St Albans,intuitive psychic tarot parties,Ambers Tarot
So why not have a night in with your friends or family, provide food, wine and invite me along to reveal the truth to all of your guests.

Each guest can choose either a tarot, angel or an oracle card reading, a psychic tarot party at your home does make an excellent and entertaining night in!

Each tarot, angel or oracle card reading is done one at a time normally over a period of 2 - 3 hours.

The length of the tarot, angel or oracle card reading will depend on the number of guests you have, each individual will normally pay amber directly after they have received their individual reading.

For individual readings (typically 6 - 8 guests, or less) reading length is around 20 / 25 mins per person at a cost of £10 each, it is always a good idea to allow 5 mins inbetween readings for changeover etc...

I will need a quiet area to give the readings which can be private for face to face personal readings. As a professional tarot reader I will follow a code of ethics and will not give medical or legal advice, all readings are done in strict confidence guaranteed.

To book a small psychic tarot party with amber either email at: or ring 07915393089

Large psychic tarot parties & gatherings

For a large gathering or a large psychic tarot party all we ask is a small deposit and for a minimum of 2 4 hours notice to change or cancel your booking. Failure to adhere to these terms can result in loss of deposit.

An invoice for 25% will be sent once the party date is confirmed this is payable within 48 hours, the rest of the fee is payable at the event/party.

If you are outside the St.Albans area then I will normally add a small travelling fee.

Accurate and intuitive psychic tarot parties & events in St Albans
Please email Amber AT: to discuss your options and requirements. Or by ring: 07915393089

PLEASE NOTE: Large psychic parties and events in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire area

psychic tarot gatherings (over 10 people) I will typically allow 5/10/15 mins per reading depending on numbers and how many tarot readers are required.

Fetes, fairs and other gatherings

For large gatherings and fetes numbers are normally hard to judge, therefore I can be booked on an hourly bases (mimimum 3 hours) at a fixed hourly rate of £20 per hour. However the number of readings that can be achieved will be wholly dependant on how many people are at the fete, the readings will therefore vary from 10/15/20 minute readings.

For other gatherings there will be no cost to the event organiser other than travelling expenses. Typically I will charge customers £5 - £20 per reading, depending on the reading length.

Please bear in mind that tarot readings are very popular at events and parties, so please make certain that there is enough time for all if not most of your guests to have a reading to avoid disappointment.

Want me to help you attract more customers for your business?

Do you own a hairdressers: Got a shop: Cafe: Pub or other business and want to attract "more business?" or just give your existing customers a treat?

Then why not invite me along everyone loves a psychic tarot reading, all you will need to provide is a table and two chairs and a fairly quiet area for me to deliver readings in.

There are two options available to you,either an hourly rate of £15 per hour or I can charge each customer at £5 per 5 mins reading - £10 per 10 min reading and so on...

Do the maths, if I work on an hourly rate I earn £15 per hour and you can charge £10 per 10 mins = £45 per hour to you!!!

Typically you will need to allow for 5 minute between readings for changeover etc...

So why not allow me to help YOU attract more customers for your business? Book me to come along and give mini readings either tarot, angel or oracle card readings.

This has proven an excellent way to "encourage new custom" or just create an influx of money!!.

To book me to come along either email at: or ring 07915393089 Ring me on 07915393089 and ask for amber. For all other enquiries pleas email first

Please be aware any one considering a tarot reading must be over 18 or have the permission of a person over 18 years of age to receive a reading

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  • "I had such a wonderful reading with Amber and highly recommend her. She provided a great deal of guidance with clarity and was very generous with her time".
  • WOW! WOW! WOW! Amber always delivers a fast, detailed, accurate and wealth of information to every reading. Thank you for hitting the nail on the head every time. Your compassion and generosity is also very admirable. ;)
  • Amber was fantastic conveying all that she picked up quickly & explaining clearly. Try for yourself"!
  • "she is exceptional with great precise words and advice, compassionate and you get a healing feeling connecting with her"
  • "Awesome reading, clear, precise, accurate and insightful"
  • What a pleasant surprise. Very genuine reader. Was spot on with my situation, helpful & caring. 5 stars. Thanks! :))
  • "Great Reader!!! Cards told exactly what was going on in my current situation!! She was very helpful!!! Thank you so much".


what I offer - "compassionate, empathetic and intuitive tarot readings"

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