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Free Transparent Tarot Card of the Day

Free Transparent Tarot Card Reading from the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding

Free Transparent Tarot Card of the Day,transparent tarot card,transparent tarot

The transparent tarot provides a new fresh innovative approach to reading tarot, the deck was designed by emily carding and takes the original more typical images of the tarot to a completely new and totally different dimension.

The transparent tarot is stunning yet basic in design, with the major arcana are depicted in minimalistic form

while the minor arcana appear as silhouetted figures.

Today's Free Transparent Tarot of the Day

Todays card is the Three of wands

Today you are asked to keep an open mind and an open ear, a good friend or colleague may come to your assistance when needed and there will be the opportunity to tie up loose ends.

Today is a good day for business the seeds that you have sown in the past may start to show rewards, stay focused a willing to work, you have every reason to stay optimistic.

If you are considering expanding your horizons through, studying, travelling even business then today is the day to get started on that.

Today is the day to think BIG and look to your future.

Weekly message

You may be at a crossroads and its decision time which could imply new beginnings or new possibilities so keep your wits about you and your eyes and ears open.

This is a good time to get those projects started, take advantage of possibilities. Look for potentials everywhere in every situation don't be afraid of change and new challenges.

A good friend or colleague may come to your assistance and there will be the opportunity to tie up loose ends.

Your way forward may appear more clear avoid being drawn into something against your will.

This is a good week for business stay focused a willing to work, you have every reason to be optimistic. You may feel the need to seek solitary time to gather your thoughts and re-asses plans.

If you are looking for love then this could be your week, if you are in a relationship then expect to re-kindle the romance. You may also decide that separation is your only option to gain back control of your own destiny, let go of the past and move on. Finances should improve you may also be in for a windfall of some description. Think big this week, expand your horizons through work, study or travel.

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